Is this really happening?

Isabelle 21 French Canada Student at uOttawa

It’s already been three days

before i go fishing i’m supposed to go dog sleding sunday with a racing team, and this old guy that’s a pro at it. but that’s if the weather does’t get to warm, we don’t want the snow to melt yet!!the fishing wil be later on, we have to go with an inuit guide.  there are so many dogs up here, that they have these dog hunters that go around shooting the dogs that aren’t on a leash. its soo sad!.

but i’ve been here three days and it’s been non stop. i have so many stories from the hospital alreay, i mostly work with the elderly and the mentally and physically handicaped, there are 5 patients that stay there all of the time. we  bathed them, feed them, change them and clean the beds. i’ve lost my appetite most of the time when i go home to eat because i think about all of the thingsi saw that day, and i’m no longer hungry:p

they have big drug problems and alcohol problems here. 70% of the population smokes weed. the men that i will be working with part time at a supervised house have mental diseases or schizophrenia, so when they do drugs they get pretty ridiculous. they are harmless, but the stuff they say is ridiculous. 

i’m supposed to start a class that teaches how to make traditional slippers and mittens, every monday, and there are so many things to do around here i doubt i will ever get bored, even tonight i’m going to go see some kind of kids circus. i’m not too sure what it’s going to be like but it’s something to do!