Is this really happening?

Isabelle 21 French Canada Student at uOttawa

it’s never boring at the hospital, right now there’s this old man that suffered a stroke, so he’s really confused all the time, and he only speaks inuktituk. he’s super cute, but he shits everywhere, in his bed, in styrofoam cups, in water bottles, in his shoes! it gets really messy. and also there’s one guy with tuberculosis and two old ladies with clostridium (bactérie C.difficile). so we have to really careful when we interact with them so we don’t catch what they have or give it to the other patients. there was also 2 psychiatric cases, one had schizophrenia and attempted suiced, the other has a borderline personality disorder and tried to kill herself too, she’s 15. she’s actually a little shit, she’s manipulative and she has freak outs all of the time. she’s allowed to take walks and i have to go with her, but she wanted to go home so i said no, and i didn’t let her smoke another cigarette when she had already had her 3 that’s allowed so she tried to escape. i was like who the fuck do you think you are (in my head anyway). but yeah so much stuff going on, some of the nurses are nice, some of them only care about partying but as one of the inuits said, life is life en esti ahaha.