Is this really happening?

Isabelle 21 French Canada Student at uOttawa

may 18th

so i’ve been working on the tuberculosis cases this week, i started sunday. it’s been really interesting to learn about this infection. we’re up to 45 know cases, which is huge for a small village of 650 people. it’s a borderline epidemic. the problem is that there is crowding in the homes, so people with TB are easily transmitting it to their family, as well as work colleagues and friends. TB is totally curable, but the treatment is quite harsh on the body. 

to find out if someone is TB positive, we have to do a chest Xray, analyze sputum, and a skin test. if they are positive, then we start the quadri treatment, of INH (isoniazid), RIF (rifampin), PZA (pyrazynamide), EMB (ethambutol), and vitamin B6 to eliminate negative neurological side effects of this intense treatment. 

i’m still working upstairs sometimes as a northern attendant, when they need me. monday i start training for sterilization. so my two main jobs will be the TB stuff, and sterilization, but mid june i’ll be doing sterilization and northern att. in between i find time to go to the supervised appartement and hang out with the guys there, last monday i went to bake a cake with them.  

so far i’ve kept busy, i’ve had on day off since i’ve gotten to kuujjuaq. we went up to my aunts cottage, it was quite an adventure getting there. i didn’t have snow shoes so i keep sinking into snow above my knees. once we got there, we spent all afternoon outside, i even got a sunburn. it snowed the last couple of days, but sunday it’s supposed to be nice, so hopefully i can do something outdoors-ish.